Sunday Funday

We haven’t booked sessions through the weekend in a long time. This weekend I remember why we have these times put aside for resting. The break is always nice. 😉 Not today though, D’Oyen has two sessions coming up. We’re finishing up on a week of donation based sessions. Had a really good week. It has been fun helping people on their path. D’Oyen worked on my meridians last night. My neck has been pinched for a day or so and of course I don’t notice when I wake up today. He goes, oh I worked on your neck. Which is why I just don’t feel the pinch anymore or any soreness. So weird but acceptable. He is the best I tell ya. Now as long as I don’t get back in the situation that pinched my neck, I should be just fine.

I’m currently teaching D’Oyen the seated sequence of Ashtanga yoga primary series. He’s doing great. 
It’s turning out to be a nice day. So sunny out. Happy Sunday. Hope your day is great. ❤ ❤ ❤


its NOT a C R E W thing, its Y O U thing.

when I see the S A M E people who shunned me few months ago, now talkin’ bout. “Hey if you only like light and not so happy with your darkness, you need to……”

gtfo with that nonsensical shit, your words should fall on deaf ears yet you like your followers. leggo your *ego* and get over yourself, always check yourself. eye see you were there once too. stop building a cult on facebook. you see for me, I always tell what eye see and historically, this keeps friends low. why? bc I don’t sugar coat a thing. No one likes to hear the brutal truth when it comes down to it. Let’s face it, all I see IS patterns people are in. One of my gifts I assume. Sometimes its a curse. I don’t want to see your lack. I’d rather focus on your worth. 😉 but spirit speak loudly through me you see. Some things are louder than the nice premeditated shit that comes out of your mouth.

THIS brutal honesty keeps ‘crew’ away and i’m okay cause:
“its NOT a C R E W thing, its Y O U thing.” You are your own crew. If this concept is new to you, you prolly still got some karma to walk for all the shit you talked on the R E A L ones who could probably give a shit less about your crew or any crew for that matter. yoooooo

IT TAKES STRENGTH TO STAND ON YOUR OWN and its starts with SELF-LOVE, takes A LOT of work and shows up as CONFIDENCE.

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That is all. All is well.

Happy Earth Day to you.

From me and mine to your and yours. ❤ ❤ ❤

Energy accretion levels in clients.

Having a damn good day. Hope you are too. D’Oyen is seeing great progress with accretion levels in clients and helping them facilitate self healing through re-connecting them with higher selves. Its pretty cool to watch. Progress is always nice. From what I have seen, he works on what I have been calling the ‘lower-self’ first. This consists of the human vessel and immediately around the body so like thought clouds would be an example of this lower self so is your physical body.  And D’Oyen would use a special technique to clear this static fuzz in the energy system. First things first he must fix your transduction sequences. Next he works on the connection to source. Then finally, he starts integrating ones higher-self healing. Which is a breathtaking experience to watch. Lots of clients want to jump to this part but what I have seen is that this last re-connection part is only available to the one’s whom have either, one, done their own work(or had work done) on meridians, nadis, charkra/energy systems, or two, have had enough sessions that D’Oyen is able to clear a way for this energy to come through. (our full ascension package does this) Both will take maintenance to keep the energy flowing so to speak.

This process is what he is labeling and putting out there for other healers to check out and see the truth in this energy work he is facilitating. He wrote a book on it called . (available on Amazon) The different levels and how they show in our clients is exciting. What we consider uncharted territory as other healers can do some things similar but not the same and not as in depth . Its amazing actually.

I can’t wait till he really breaks down the process of lower-self healing and then higher-self re-connection that he uses. I believe its going to change a lot of people’s minds about healing process. I’m not even versed well enough to really reinstate what D’Oyen does precisely but, I try. Hopefully he’ll continue to write books on it. Its been a year now and i’m still figuring out the whole process of processes he works with. Took me this long to wrap my head around the transduction sequences. What he does is so next level even I am still in awe with his work. Sometimes I forget about his gifts because of threeee deee issues but we always comeback together to remember our mission here. He is a technician by definition and to watch him is one of the most awesome things i’ve done in this life. Miracle worker by definition. Can’t wait for our child of light to enter this world. Stay tuned, i’m liking this writing stuff. ❤ We are building a family of wizards. hahaha ❤ Thanks for checking us out.

Check out our website D’Oyen has some webinars coming up soon for teachers as well as for clients.
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13 Reasons Why

Normally, I do not watch tv. Just got introduced to netflix few months ago while hibernating this winter. I agree with this post/screenshot. I hope no high school girls watch this show called 13 Reasons Why. ugh. It seemed to encourage suicide and downplay R A P E. She pointed the finger and blames boys and girls in her life for her death? Get outta here with all that. I thought that her death could have been prevented and not through any heroic notion from any boy on the show, but through her self.

What if she would have been taught self love in school? Then what? Well, then maybe she would have been able to pick herself up off the ground and walk away from anything that did not serve her. *rawr* The truth always comes out in the wash… her life could have moved on past the drama. It all seemed too familiar. High school should teach self-love. Its just a lesson though. A lesson on who not to hang around with. American society cracks me up. What to do? what not to do? who cares? do you. its the best thing for you and this life is your experience only. 😉

Those people were not her friends. I never understood cliques tho. Its NOT a crew thing, its a ‘YOU thing baby girl.

Television truly is poison. Never thought it would be the case but they speak spells into your life. Just like that mainstream music. Well, most trends mainstream anywhoo. How lame. They evoke unnecessary emotions. And emotions can harm your health. In case you missed that memo. All they are is energy in motion. Hence, e-motion….



Yesterdays Session

He’s been a client since last summer. Weekly treatments and so much progress to be noted over the past few months. I watch this client start doing mudras and his higher self coming in assisting in healing. This started a few weeks back. The most beautiful thing to watch. All of the sudden, sometimes after several sessions, they will start assisting and pulling energy in, creating spheres and directly moving to areas of concern, assisting in their own healing process. One time, one of our patients said she had a bad tooth. Her higher self came in and directly started working with her meridian that was attached to said tooth! It was so amazing. Her higher self was trying to correct her meridian. Never seen anything like it. We are designed to heal ourselves you know. Ancient Asian practices know this all to well.

Sometimes we hear this is bad? Well we heard it from another ‘healer’ the other day and I’m like hmmmmm.  I have seen over the past few months several entity extractions as well as many higher self healing re-connections. When we are dealing with bad entities, they do not act so graceful. They are harmful and try to choke or hurt their hosts. They seem malicious and tend to smack the host on the chest, they’ll wake up suddenly or act seriously annoyed. I have even seen clients stop when entity acts out and they are done with session. Sometimes its as if the host wants to keep their entity. So weird to witness. Just the other day, D’Oyen cleared an attachment from a client. It was reported after the session that he was able to perceive the extraction visually with his mind’s eye. He was of course in Sedona, AZ which is some sort of energy vortex or so they say.

I wonder how many people recognize the difference between the entity extraction and the higher self healing. It is very obvious upon observation to me. Essentially, D’Oyen can hook your energy body up to help you receive healing from your higher self.

Back to the Lyme disease patient, when D’Oyen was finished. He bowed out and when he did that, client stopped mudras, put hands down and internet went out. Hahaha the universe is hilarious these days. Today we have him again. Let’s see what happens.

❤ Hope you have a great day. Thanks for reading. ❤



Really excited to have had a break from facebook to refocus our life. Did miss trollin’ around but over all, it was definitely worth it. So we got offline and then we realized man, we can’t let people with personality disorders kick us offline. We are stronger than that. We need to share our story. I started this blog to put my words here. Seems to help with my creative flow. It has been nice and quiet but we did have some shadow work to attend to. Always grateful for growth.
During my free time, I started looking into investing on the side while studying the markets as per usual. Let me tell you, I see where this is going, this economy, this country. Thank you schooling. Guess its as good a time as any to use my formal skills in economics as well as my intuition to help grow money because lets face it,
my foresight game is S T R O N G.
Historically, I have always helped people make money. 😉
Soon, I will offer consultations on investing to help my friends and family grow their money and saving. I have ten stocks that will do well. Some booming, some about to boom. If you know me you know this is my calling. Its pretty exciting to me. If the resonates with you, pm me. I am pretty excited for the next 20 or so years in this realm of business. To know which markets are booming is possibly a gift. The universe has been good to me in terms of this and I plan on helping the cool people that are heart-centered. ❤ I helped my dad over the years and now I am helping myself and our sweet little family. I mean whom else knows what is happening in the markets, in the stock of publicly held companies, commodities and digital currency? Who else can tell you how policy shapes business in the long run and short run? I do and I can. ❤
One a lighter note, I have been stepping up my cooking game in the kitchen. Its nice how much time you have when you are not online and not in school. We have a interesting diet and it has been fun. I love cooking for my family. What a change that was for me too. I went from business manager to homemaker real fast. ❤

Microgrid Activation is movin’ and groovin’ rightalong. I’m just watching D’Oyen do his thing. He loves that energy wizard stuff and he’s so good at it. I love watching him grow. He’s the best. We have had some exciting sessions over here, I plan on talking about them on this bloggy blog. So stay tuned for more of that in the future. My baby’s shameless business plug: Book a session or learn something about where science meets spirituality. Our practice is the future of human healing. Our mission in this life. To help. To document. To be of service. So here we are.

Our little family is just movin’ along, goin’ and flowin’ with time. Hope everyone else online has been doing well.

❤ Mad love from me and mine to you and yours. ❤